BASF: Internship Technology, EHS & Digitalisation Management

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In our Technology Department as well as the EHS Management and Digitalisation Management units you can look forward to an exciting and varied range of tasks with new challenges every day. Gain practical experience and support us for 3 to 6 months.

  • As an intern, you will get the opportunity to build, refine, and automate dashboards based on Power BI in order to drive efficiency as well as transparency in EHS Management and Digitalisation of Production and Technology. 
  • Let's get digital! You will be responsible for the digitalisation and streamlining of EHS/Technology reporting tasks via programming custom applications, e.g. PowerApps.
  • Furthermore, you will be able to create and roll out training packages regarding custom applications and smart technologies like HoloLens, involving a wide range of stakeholders. 
  • We drive change! You will continuously promote the goals of BASF 4.0 by identifying further efficiency gains through the support of the automation of existing tracking, controlling, and reporting systems. 
  • Achieve more together: last but not least, you will organize and ensure the smooth exchange of information within your field of activity.


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